Error establishing a database connection

My website is showing “Error establishing a database connection”. my account username is epiz_30514601.

What is wrong with your hosting. Please fix this issue asap.

Once again. SQL Error 2002, as usual. What’s wrong? Now it occurs twice a week!!!

It comforts me to see that I’m not the only one facing this issue.
however, when I’m checking the Mysql tab, it doesn’t show any database in my library, that is quiet scary.

The database server may have gone down again. Hopefully iFastNet is working on a fix.


Here my new error message :

This site/page has used all avaialble php / apache processes allowed on free hosting account.

Refreshing the page once the amount of apache / php processes are reduced will cause the site to work

We would recommend upgrading your hosting account at IFastNet Premium hosting accounts , premium hosting accounts have MUCH higher resources dedicated to them.

That is just temporary


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