Error establishing a database connection

My Website Suddenly occur database website

Error establishing a database connection

My website URL is:

Kindly fix this Bug

Same here! Control Panel and Database have been down since one hour ago

I would suggest to read this article first:

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Any solution ? Simone ?

Is my Website down for a week ?

Can upload space will be extended to 100 MB ?

No, you can’t extend maximum file/upload size on free hosting. If you want to do it please consider upgrading to Premium Hosting as it offers many features, split the file in small parts or if you’re doing file sharing for downloads please do NOT use our hosting for that; upload them on a separate file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox and link them from your website.


Also here
website url

Also cannot log into cpanel

When database will work, I need to show my project to professor and I need to know
will work by the end of the day or must use another hosting???

The DB servers are undergoing maintenance.

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my site web is
alguna solución al problema?

Google Translate:
os servidores de banco de dados foram atualizados, meu site teve o mesmo problema, mas agora está funcionando.

Like it said in the announcement:

We expect every database to be down for around 1 hour.

We post these announcements to answer such questions. Please read the full announcement next time first before asking questions about when it will be resolved.

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