Error establishing a database connection

Error establishing a database connection

This error is comimg on my website since 2 days.
I went to check the database name and username and password in My Sql, Buti didn’t found it there.

Dear Admin Can you please help me?
[email protected]

Did you notice the big blue banner on the top of the forum, or the only other post that was pinned on the topics list? Or the big orange banner in the client area? I would think the issue is quite clearly pointed out everywhere, that you don’t need to ask for explanation on a topic asking for reviews.

And if you need help with something else, please open a new topic. It doesn’t help anyone if you ask all your question in the same, completely unrelated topic.

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Yup! they are getting another problem at another time but we don’t know :slight_smile:

we cannot judge them


This problem only affects around 5% of all free hosting websites, because only those websites have their databases on the failing hardware. The other 95% of free hosting websites, and all premium hosting websites, were not affected by this issue.

This problem is also less likely to occur on premium hosting, because the premium hosting servers are entirely on the new cloud system, while some of the free hosting systems are not (yet) on this system, so they cannot be easily migrated in case of a failure.

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