Error establishing a database connection wp admin

hello I can’t access wp admin in wordpress, what do I do please help me

Please fill up according to the template.
What is the domain?

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The error message you’re seeing is covered here:

To get the actual error message:


this topic did not help me at all regarding wp admin, I want you to help me please for the love of God

Then please help us help you. If we ask you for information, please provide it. If we ask you to do something, please try it.

We need more information from you to help you fix it. Please provide it. If you don’t want to, that’s your choice, but we can’t help you if you don’t give us the ability to do so.


I can’t put SSL on the voo solutions website, it’s still pending, I already put the CNAMES, but it didn’t generate the ssl key

This problem may occur due to following reasons -

  1. Invalid Login Credentials
  2. Server Issue
  3. Maintainance might be upgrading
  4. Updating plugins at the backend.

I suggest you to wait for some time and refresh again.

I am having the same problem in Wordpress. It seems that Wordpress didnt get the answer from MySQL fast enough. When I return from editing a website by Elementor i often get this error. Seems that the server ressources arent enough to give the answer back in a clean way. I tried my website on a test system at an other webhoster. There I didnt get this error.

The work arround at the moment is to wait a liitle bit before switching functions in wp admin to fast. Hope this helps.

I had problems with Elementor try a different editor

I see you are hosting the domain with us, but you requested an SSL certificate for

The client area also says:

We did not detect any nameservers on your domain name

Our panel doesn’t detect your nameservers because the domain doesn’t exist.

If you request an SSL certificate for the correct domain, it should show your nameservers, and if you are using our nameservers, even offer to setup the CNAME records for you automatically.


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