Error during ftp upload, permission denied at htdocs/configuration.php

i already installed my joomla website on infinityfree, evrything alright yesterday at 23:00 am but today i have this error in my file manager, i cant go on my sql database, i have another one useless database and same thing, now i have acces. amazing.
with this error i can’t configure my joomla website to log on the correctly databse.
AWESOME THING infinity free

Did you, or did Joomla, attempt to “fix” the permissions for the configuration file for “security”? Some software recommends, or even enforces, that you restrict access to the configuration file. If that’s not done correctly, you can lock yourself out of your own files.

We don’t mess with your file permissions, but we don’t have any safeguards to stop you from mucking them up yourself either.

Please be careful with blaming others for things which are broken. I’m personally not convinced yet that we did this.

And finally, if you want me to actually investigate anything, it would help a lot if you could fill in the topic template so I actually have something to go on.


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