Error during FTP delete diretory, permissions denied at: ""

Username: epiz_28744696 (Website for

I think error code: 550, not sure. Message is: Error during FTP delete diretory, permissions denied at: “”

So, I recently created a subdomain for my own domain, after a while I deleted it, but there’s still a folder for it. When I tried to delete it, it gives this error message.
Can you guys help me out?

Kind regards.

Which folder is it… Was it uploaded by you?

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Hey there. You cannot delete files outside of the /htdocs directory. After you delete a sub-domain, its folder cannot be removed due to permissions. I recommend just renaming it to something like “unused” or “deleted”. Don’t worry, the subdomain itself has been removed from the system and it is safe just to rename the folder and ignore it.

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Just as a reference thing, subdomain/domain folders cannot be deleted for legal reasons, so as @Greenreader9 said, just rename it to something else.


Thankyou for your reply!


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