Error downloading htdocs folder

Hello. I need to download my website for a bug fix but I can’t download the htdocs folder. What’s going on?

Use ftp like filezilla


Why not? What issues are you running into? Which methods are you trying / have you tried to do so?

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In File Manager I’m choosing the folder and pressing download but the message is displayed: “An unknown error occurred during the download”

Yes, web based file managers are known to work extremely poorly for this. They are nice for quick edits and checking file, but consistently break down for larger transfers.

So like @KangJL said:

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Sorry for the question, but how can I do this ??

I’ll help you out here,

  1. Go HERE and download
  2. Go to Infinity Free Accounts Pannel and click “manage” on the account you want to download the files for
  3. Open FileZilla (Download Link Above)
  4. Copy the info (See Images 1&2, match the colors)
  5. Click “Quickconnect”
  6. Follow Image 3 (Right click the htdocs folder and click download, it will download to the PC directory on the middle left panel)

Hope this helps!


Edit: I put the images in the wrong order, Oops!

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Thank you very much, I would just like to show you a little detail. You ask me to download FileZilla to the server but the correct one would be in FileZilla for clients. But I managed to download the FileZilla clients and solved the problem.

Oops, I’m sorry about that. Glad you got it working though!

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Yes, you need to use FileZilla Client, not FileZilla Server. We already have an FTP server, you don’t need to bring one yourself.

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