Error: (domain) is already assigned and in use.2

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(is already assigned and in use.2)

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(When I wanna park this domain, it says that it’s in use, I double checked the namesevers and they are fine!
you can check this link:

Please Help me with the issue ( I know this has been asked over and over but never responsed very well)


However, some other nameservers are returning this:

Based on those findings, I believe that you were previously using a hosting that is using the same infrastructure as InfinityFree, and now tried to add your website to an InfinityFree account. Your site currently displays a WordPress website, so unless you managed to park it, you’ll need to follow the following steps:

  1. Login to the control panel of your old hosting
  2. Go to the “Addon Domains” section (or “Parked Domains”, wherever you had added your domain)
  3. Delete the domain from there
  4. Attempt to add it on InfinityFree again

Thank you Chris

Yes indeed, I already used but I wonder why it should be connected to the previous provider when I changed the DNS names!
I assumed domain name servers just work as an address and whenever I change the Address, it should be disconnected from the previous location! aren’t I right?

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Due to this

Both are resellers to the same source


The problem is solved.
Thanks a million.

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