When I try to open my website on my cell phone (GSM), sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, usually this error appears in the browser " DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN "

Both on android and iphone GSM

I already installed SSL/TLS Free Certificates, but the same problem continues, I have to insist for the site to enter, no longer wi-fi connection it works smoothly

Help-me, please friends


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That error message may have something to do with a mis-configured domain, a system error, or outdated information on your end.

What is your URL?


The site is working fine for me.

It is probably this:


Are you using GSM?

By wifi and internet via modem it works normally, it just doesn’t work by GSM (3/4/5G connections)

Then there is probably an incorrect DNS record cached somewhere. Please see the article I linked above for details


But here there is no way to have a dns error, because it is not in a single cell phone that the problem occurs, they are with several different devices and only when the internet is active via GSM (4/5G) By wi-fi it works normally on cell phones or are you telling me that the problem is with the DNS of the integer?

My best guess is that the DNS resolver of your mobile internet provider isn’t working so well.

You can work around this by just not using the DNS of your mobile ISP. Android 9+ has the Private DNS feature that works really well for this. You can use it to use the excellent DNS servers from Cloudflare instead (but feel free to pick another DNS provider if you want):


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