Error directory listing

I have upload 11 php files , but after i check in directory listing it just show 5 php files , how to solve this problem ??

Adding index.php file
or htaccess Options -Indexes

I think this not the answer

What i ask is how to show 6 files ? After i see just 5 files in directory listing

What was the size of the files? If they’re heavier than 10 MB, they won’t be uploaded.

Hi FauzanHadi,

Have you checked that all of there permission’s for the files are the same as if any of them are set to write only you won’t be able to see them!

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Alan T.

What’s so important about the directory listing? What are you actually trying to do?

I was upload 11 php file in ftp infinityfree manager , 11 file was added successfully ,that sounds good , but after i run my websites i goto the profile.php but 403 forbidden error , after that i check directory listing like blabla/modules/ and i see the subfolder modules just show me 5 php files and profile.php not show in this subfolder at directory listing, why can be like this ? And then i check infinityfree manager and the result is 11 added successfully , i hope so you understand with my problem , how to solve this ?

is infinityfree limit file in every subfolder in ftp ??