Error: database driver problem detected

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(other information and details relevant to your question)Dear friends.
Just now I am trying to manual install moodle with free hosting.
for the database issue, I fixed.
but after that, I get the following error.
Error: database driver problem detected
The site administrator should verify server configuration
PHP has not been properly configured with the PGSQL extension so that it can communicate with PostgreSQL. Please check your php.ini file or recompile PHP.
What does it mean?
How to solve this issue.
my domain is
Any help?

Pls read…

In short, this means that Moodle can’t run on free hosting. Upgrade to premium hosting?


At first I also faced this data location issue.
but, What i did is: edited the config.php files data location to /htdocs/moodledata.
and created a folder with the same name and given all permissions they mentioned.
I am doing a manual install.
not using auto installer.
So, by doing the things above, I successfully solved the issue related to data storage.
I Also got a notification Like data location and web address are verified.
I think, this issue is some thing with database.
Any help?

Why do you need PostgreSQL support? We provide MySQL databases only, so our PHP only comes with the MySQL extensions for PHP.

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