Error: could not read line from socket

I was trying to log onto and it gave the following error: Error: could not read the line from socket. I heard something about it having to do with a wrong IP address, but what is it really? Also, I cannot use Filezilla or anything since I am on a school Chromebook, which is restricted ( works though), and Filezilla doesn’t have anything for Chromebook (if this is wrong let me know. Either way, I don’t have access to the Linux terminal or anything). It works now, but it’s been finicky, being ok then suddenly giving me the error today. If you can help me figure out what it is (also I really want to know why it’s giving me this error, like what does it mean), then thank you.

same here

So then it could be a global problem.

Maybe, I just waiting for admin’s answer.

Hello there,

It could be because of the current issue with some accounts, you two may want to refer to this latest announcement:


@UnknownLolz yep I know

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