Error connection was reset

Here is my website
I created the account few days ago it was working properly but now am getting this error “ERROR_CONNECTION_RESET” and forces me to reload the page.
After reloading it works and when I try to navigate in my website the error appears again.
It is interrupted and sometimes my site will not be loaded properly.

It’s an issue related to your internet not hosting.


Hello there,

As what @anon19508339 said this is not an issue with hosting but is probably with you local device. Your site loads fine on my end and make sure to clear your browser cache, if persistent, try flushing your DNS cache as well.


Have u tried to navigate?

Anyways I will try to flush my DNS cache.

Yes and there are no errors encountered from all the parts I’ve checked



Could you check it again? i created new account and it has the same problem.
I checked the domain on an it says blaclisted check the screenshots.
Sorry for interrupring.
Thanks for your help!.

Your site is also working fine here, it shows the default InfinityFree webpage.

Regarding the MX records, you can disregard that since the email service here on InfinityFree was already deprecated and is not supported a while ago.

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That just tells you about the status of our email settings of It doesn’t say anything at all about the website of your subdomain.

Please note that that’s an email blacklist, not a website blacklist. I really hope for your sake that your network administrator doesn’t block access to websites using an email blacklist, because that wouldn’t make any sense.

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