Error connecting ftp

I am not connecting to ftp. I use the correct data but I get this message:
Estado: Conexo TLS estabelecida.
Comando: USER epiz_20781990
Resposta: 331 User epiz_20781990 OK. Password required
Comando: PASS **********
Resposta: 530 Login authentication failed
Erro: Erro crtico: No foi possvel conectar ao servidor
What can it be? My password is new, redefine it today!
Need help . . .Please!

Please see the pinned topic:

Hello Administrator! I have solved this problem. But I found another; I do not know if this new error is from my php file or it’s from the server. I already installed my site and says that everything went well, but when I visited my site, I had this error:
Error: UNKNOWN - 8192
File: /home/vol4_1/
Line: 30
Message: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; xajax has a deprecated constructor

Call stack:

File: /home/vol4_1/ (Line: 10)
Function: include_once

File: /home/vol4_1/ (Line: 328)
Function: include_once

File: /home/vol4_1/ (Line: 12)
Function: include

File: /home/vol4_1/ (Line: 15)
Function: include

This script I hosted here in Infinity I installed on my computer, Localhost (Xampp) and did not give any kind of error. The site appears perfect on localhost (XAMPP) on my computer.
Are you aware of this error? If so, could you help me? I await your opinion. Thank you!

The errors you sent just means that the script you’re using is really, really old. It means your code is written for PHP version 4, whereas PHP version 5 was released in 2004, which means your software is essentially 15 years old.

You could try to set your PHP version in the control panel to the lowest version available which might allow your software to work. But with code that old, it’s better to just upgrade to more modern software.

Thank you Administrator! Oh, my God. You’re fucking cool. Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile: