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I have a couple of days with the following error on all web browsers and different devices, also I have refresh the SSL installed certs on the website but the issue still persists.


My site has the following IP and it is not listed on the affected servers banner showing on the forum site.


Below is a snippet of the infinityfree banner

Stability issues on and

Since around the 2nd of November, we have seen stability problems on the website servers with Website IPs and

This issue was caused by an error in the account provisioning system, resulting in too many new accounts being created on these servers. This resulted in the servers being overloaded.

Did you do this?

Take note you may have mixed nameservers



Hi KangJL

Thanks for your reply. I followed the provided instructions to install the ssl cert on the cpane with the same resultsl. Please note that this site was working with the previous ssl certificate until a few days ago (also with the same dns settings).

Do you have additional recommendations to fix this issue? I wonder if this server is also affected by the outage.

Thanks in advance for your help

By having both our nameservers and the nameservers from, it means that 1/3rd of the time a visitor will try to load the site from our hosting (and get a working SSL certificate) and 2/3rd of the time will try to load the site from’s servers, which probably does not have an SSL certificate for your domain.

The reason it worked before was luck, and the reason it broke since then is because the DNS cache expired.

The solution is simple: please remove the nameservers from your domain name and only use our nameservers. That way, everyone will connect to our servers and use the SSL certificate you have installed.


Hi Admin

Thanks for the update. I tried removing the other NS servers for my domain and waited 30 min and tested again. Unfortunately, the same thing happened, I’m still getting SSL error.

I had to restore my original DNS settings, since I have other services running. Do you have any other recommendations I could to fix this? Are you able to confirm that this server is not affected by the outage infinityfree is currently experiencing?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards

Are you talking about the nameservers? Because you can’t do that. Pick one set of nameservers, either ours, or’s, don’t mix them together, that is going to cause you problems.


Hi Greenreader9

Thanks for the update. FYI, I’ve been running this setup since 2019 and it’s proven to work without problems up until beginning of that this start to happen. Anyways, the site is working which is what matters now.

Thank you all for your feedback to get my issue resolved. I hope you have a great weekend.

Best regards,

It works because all the nameservers you use point to the right IP,
and it’s also good that these others have a small TTL, so they are quickly updated if there are any changes.

The problem could arise if for some reason this IP changes due to changes in the hosting system, whether from your side (transferring the domain to another hosting acc here - max 3)
or by the hosting itself (reorganization, problems, etc.).


TL;DR: Removing the nameservers will still fix the issue. Mixing different sets of nameservers is almost always a bad idea and this is no exception. Just because it wasn’t broken before doesn’t mean it’s a good setup.

Hmm, I’m checking your domain and something very strange is going on.

If I check our own nameservers for the IP address of and, they all return the IP address As far as I can tell, that’s the correct one.

But your account’s main domain is actually pointing to the IP address, which does not seem correct.

In the nameservers of, you pointed to directly with an A record, but is pointed with a CNAME record to your account’s main domain. Which means that is actually pointing to That IP does not appear to have your domain name so it doesn’t know which SSL certificate to load for it, resulting in the error you see.

My recommended way to fix this is still to do the common sense thing and not mix nameservers in the first place. But if you insist on using’s nameservers, I would update the CNAME record for the www subdomain and point it to the base domain, and not the account’s main domain.


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