Error at Uploading/Installing Plugins/Theme in Wordpress


What I’m seeing is:

When I Try to Install a Plugin from Wordpress Or Upload Plugin. It either fails with 502 Error. (mostly when I try to install Woocommerce)
Even if the zip file size is under 2mb I end up with an Error. Previously it used to function well. But now, If I try to install any plugin or Theme I get Error every time I try to install something. I am seeing the Error “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” as well. I think the script execution time for Wordpress is not long enough. Please at least limit it to 60 Seconds.

I’m using this software:

WORDPRESS 5.2.2 (But I have tried all versions, Including PHP VERSION changes)

/Additional information:

Please Reffer: The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin em |

According to this, it is a PHP setting issue.

NOTE that the account I am using is Fresh Account. I am using it to design my E-commerce store.

No its 6mb

Then upload it via FTP. @UnknownLolz is not online now, so I will be his replacement :wink:

I understand. But if you see your FTP takes 20 minutes to upload 1000 files, which creates load on your server needlessly for that long amount of time. Instead just fix the Wordpress Issue which hardly takes 1 minute to upload and install, hence saving lot of resources usage on your side.

I have a fast network, and it takes seconds to upload at least 100 files. Sometimes the FTP server is slow, or your connection is not as far as decent and you may try to upgrade your Internet plan. We don’t know (even me, because I don’t work at iFastNet) how will the WordPress FTP problem be solved. However, FTP doesn’t make too much load to CPU, RAM and etc, but it does to the hard disk.

I understand :slight_smile: . I have 2.5Mb/s Download when I download something same for upload. Speed is not the Issue its FTP server version as I have fair amount of experience in VPS. Some are slow while some are fast in handling data.

On the other hand, Reffer this for Wordpress Related Issue. Maybe it will help resolve upload issue that many are facing on infinityfree

To help solve Wordpress Related Upload issue which can be resolved by changing the PHP to a certain version.

Which PHP versions have you tried? I currently see your account is running PHP version 5.4 which is really old and no longer supported by WordPress (and, presumably, WooCommerce). So can you switch your account to the high PHP version available and try again?

I just recently changed it to 5.4 version to check if its working in that version and it did not. I was using 7.3 version so far. I switch back to 7.3 Again

I switch back to 7.3 Version.

But PHP 7.3 isn’t available on this hosting, at least for now! Change it to PHP 7.0, the latest version available on this hosting.


I wish I could do that.

What was happening on the PHP menu? Maybe iFastNet is trying to add every new version of PHP one by one, overwriting the ones that already are on there. iFastNet and its weird experiments part 2: the revenge.

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I think the Issue is with the amount of PHP execution exceeding the limit causing the File Unzipping And Installation failure in certain plugins < 10MB but having over 1k files within zipping. Somehow your settings are limiting your zip extractor to fully execute, move the files and install causing an error. Increasing limits to certain system processes could resolve the issue? It’s worth giving a try. Anyways, Thank. I will just have to deal with the issue until then by using FTP with take long time to upload and stresses your DISK for a longer period of time.

The only limit I can think of that could be worth increasing is the script execution time. But increasing that causes a lot more problems for the stability of the system as a whole than it does solve. Blocking these kinds of big archive handling scripts could be considered “intentional”, if you consider the massive server.

You’ll stress the disks for a longer period of time, but since you don’t need to upload the archived files first, you’re actually stressing the disks less overall by using FTP. And you’re really reducing stress on the servers in general by not using PHP scripts to extract archives, which puts a lot of stress on the CPU and memory of the servers.

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