Error at InfinityFree dashboard page

Getting error when navigate to MySQL tab at

Hi and welcome to the forum! The Control Panel and the MOFH API server are temporarily down with a 503 error; that’s why the Client Area can’t also sync. Please wait until it gets fixed, maybe an hour or two and it should work.

UPDATE 1: The Control Panel and the MOFH API went up, but there was an issue to all the servers on free hosting platform that redirect all the websites to a suspended page.
UPDATE 2: Now it’s fixed, maybe.


Getting 503 Service Temporary at

Thanks for the reply !


I currently have a domain that says “Suspended” but, there’s nothing on the site yet. Could this Control Panel / MOFH API Server issue be related to the error that I’m seeing? I haven’t done anything there yet which would cause me to be suspended.

plz solve it asap, thanks

They are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. It will be fixed soon.


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