Error Adding Domain

Hey there,

I am trying to migrate my domain name in the Addon Domain Management window but it’s showing a “Error Adding Domain…” message with these provided name servers:

I already tried to put these as DNS in my domain server but it seems InfinityFree name servers aren’t responding. I contacted my domain server support ( ) and they said your provider InfinityFree needs to be configured to my domain.

What should I do? Are domains .br working in the InfinityFree servers?

See ya
~Vitor domains should work without any problems with our hosting. However, you encountered an unfortunate catch-22. Some (patronizing) registrars force you to configure the nameservers before the domain name can be pointed to the nameservers. However, before you can add your domain name to our nameservers specifically, you need to confirm you own the domain name which is done by pointing it to our nameservers.

Since we currently don’t have any other verification methods, we can’t work around this right now. Please ask your registrar to change the nameservers, they will be configured correctly as soon as you’ve added the domain name through your control panel.