Error Adding Domain..

Everything was working fine for a long time! and suddenly Screenshot by Lightshot no longer works. and in the cpanel my domain does not appear registered! (WITHOUT ME HAVING DONE ANYTHING) it just disappeared and that’s it. And when I re-register it, it won’t let me! I get the error “Error Adding Domain …” "This could be due to already adding the domain to this or another account or, you have not changed the nameservers as required or not enough time has passed since changing the nameservers …

What domain?
Which domain?


Maybe you accidentally removed the name servers. Try going to your domain registrar and setting your name servers to NS1.EPIZY.COM and NS2.EPIZY.COM.


lease check if you have removed the InfinityFree nameservers or you have remove your domain from your account

if you have your domain and your newsletter up and it still shows it not there, please contact you domain provider


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