Error adding Domain

I would like to add my domain to my account with a subdomain on it, however when I try to add it it comes up saying:

Please can someone help me fix this.


Yes, we can help you! If you could actually fill in the topic template and provide the necessary information. Like which domain name you’re trying to add.


Hello @Admin,
I am trying to add to my account. I have changed the nameservers through Cloudflare and it still didn’t work. The last nameserver update was at 23:00 BST yesterday.
I’ve never normally had to wait this long for DNS Propagation to happen but I’m not sure what’s going on with the domain name.

Also @katufo, thanks for the articles but I have already done those steps as soon as I got the domain through Cloudflare.

You haven’t changed your nameservers but added NS records, they’re completely different.
You MUST change your nameservers from your domain regsitry, it won’t affect your Cloudflare account since it is temporary, after you changed it, you’l wait a bit, add your domain to cpanel, then change your nameservers back to cloudflare ones.


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