Error #93681767457 Please contact support

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Error #93681767457 Please contact support.

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I deactivated my account then later changed my mind and reactivated. The account came back up online no problem but my domain is not linked anymore - I see “No domains are assigned to this account right now. You can add them through the control panel.”

When I try to add the parked domain via the control panel, I get the above error.

Most likely it means you have to contact IFastNet support, they allow free users too I think (might be wrong but i did it before and they answered)

You should probably wait for the administrator to answer though.
In the meantime can you please share a screenshot?
And where are you trying to add the parked domain to?

In order to add a parked domain, I think you already need a domain. Since you said the domain was gone, please try adding it as an addon domain.


Which domain name are you trying to add and through which section are you trying to add it?

The error says “please contact support”, but that instruction is wrong. It’s a known issue which iFastNet won’t fix.

Sorry for the late reply, work…

I added it as an addon domain and it has worked. I just needed to move the existing files in the htdocs root to that new directory that was created. Do you foresee any problems doing so?



They should be there. And while you are coping them, download a copy (backup) for yourself so you have the files if anything goes wrong.

Thanks a lot. Happy to mark this as closed.


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