Error 525 when using Full SSL in Cloudflare

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Whenever I try to use the Full or Full (Strict) SSL mode on Cloudflare, it doesn’t work. I know I can use flexible but using Full or Full Strict is mandatory for protecting extremely sensitive data that will be transferred from the Origin Server to Cloudflare.

I joined InfinityFree a few days ago and I don’t know how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance!

Please install minimally a self-signed cert on VPanel to use Full SSL mode on CF


A most common problem when you don’t configure your website with Cloudflare correctly.
I think you are using cloudflare integration from vPanel and trying to use full SSL.

Use flexible SSL from cloudflare SSL settings it will fix the problem.
Or try what @KangJL set for full SSL Settings.
Or Install valid SSL on your site for Full (Strict) SSL Settings.

You can generate certificate from CloudFlare Dashboard → SSL/TLS → Origin Server and use it for Full SSL settings to work with cloudflare


Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates are not valid certificates and can’t be used in InfinityFree…

As shown in the article by InfinityFree themselves.


Then use infinityfree free ssl and use full ssl mode


For some reason my website had the same thing (even with a self signed SSL installed). But changing it to flexible solved the problem.

If you use flexible, whats the point of having an SSL on IF? I dont think it will do anything. Set it to full, and than wait. Sometimes it takes a little bit to start working.

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