Error 525 Ray - SSL handshake failed

Please how can i resolve this issue on my site
anytime i try to login into my ftp/file manager i always get this error message Error 525 Ray ID: 4f68ad9d8c5abd0d • 2019-07-15 03:34:00 UTC

SSL handshake failed

It may be fixed after a day. In the meanwhile, can you please use the “Online File Manager” you can find on the Control Panel, or go here if you really need Monsta FTP, and connect using the FTP credentials you can find on the Client Area, by clicking the account you want to manage, and clicking on “Show/Hide” to show the password?

I am encountering the same error when I try to open the file manager. I am using the online file manager found in the Control Panel.

I am having the same issues also

Try to access or and login with your FTP credentials if you can’t use the Online File Manager.

There was an outage, causing the MonstaFTP file manager to go down. A fix has now been deployed.

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