Error 522 - Connection timed out (host error)

Hi Support, my site is showing a 522 Error - host error.

Domain =

I have checked that my cloudflare dns points to and it matches the IP for my hosting domain

The IP address has been temporarily taken down due to a DDoS attack. Sadly, there is not much anyone can do about this until the attack is over.

If you’re in a hurry, you could create a new hosting account and move your website to it. The new hosting account would likely be assigned to a different IP address, which should let you serve your website from there.


Thanks for your reply. I will sit and wait. Now I can play with the cloudflare always on feature.

play with it for 48 hours lol

@shreejalmaharjan some of my pages had the Cache Control header set to ‘no-cache’ so my always-on would had failed on cloudflare side.

In these situations you can work on a solution to serve pages, rather than moan that something is down 48 hours and have it recurring in the future

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