Error 521


I’m receiving an Error 521 following setting up Cloudflare for my domain.

I’ve done this directly with Cloudflare and created the CNAME and MX records in the CF console as per the guidance. Email works ok as have tested that but when I try and browse to the website I get an Error 521 message.

Just to note Cloudflare is turned off in the Infinity Free console.

Any suggestions on how I can get this resolved please?



I checked your domain name while connecting directly to your website IP, rather than going through Cloudflare, and that worked perfectly.

Can you please double check your DNS settings in Cloudflare and make sure it’s pointing to the right IP address? You can figure out which IP address to used by following this article:


Many thanks for the prompt response.

Looking at the DNS CNAME record again I spotted I had made a mistake and used rather than the main domain e.g. s*****

I’ve updated the CNAME record with the main domain and it’s resolving perfectly.

Thank you.

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