Error 508

In my website there is a videos page which has videos, when I switched to this host the videos are just not working. and when like only 2 of them do work, they load very very very very very very slow.
can you please tell me what is the problem? thanks.

Hello there,

Are you directly hosting the videos here on InfinityFree?
It’s not really recommended to host videos here as videos tend to eat too much server resources.
If those videos are only like 1-30 seconds and only around 1-3 Mb then it’s okay I think if you only use them as a video background for your website or something.


Agreee, Because hosting are jusst use for website not storage :sweat_smile:

Were all those videos embedded in the page? And were they loaded in through PHP scripts? Because that can cause an excessive number of PHP scripts to be executed simultaneously, which can cause both the 508 errors and for your account to hit the daily entry process limit.


my account also got suspended, i guess its because of those videos.
what if instead of hosting them i will link them from youtube, will that help?

Yes, because you’re linking to External site and it won’t do major thing with the host you host your site on.


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