Error: 508 Loop Detected, 502 Bad Gateway

Hi Team,

Hope you guys are safe and secure.

Server is not supporting Elementor. Getting to many error: Error: 508 Loop Detected, 502 Bad Gateway,Unable to access media file, Not able to upload images, None of the features are working on Elementor.

Please someone help me on this.

Thanks in advance!!!


It’s too annoying, i fast is not supporting any wordpress plugins on wordpress. It wasn’t like this before. Nothing seems to be working. Wordpress is loading slow. Not supporting any plugins. It’s too frustrating.

Server error all the time…

Share the error message you are getting and also your website.


Error: 508 Loop Detected, 502 Bad Gateway

Server is not co-operating with elementor. Too many problems.

Hi @kamalkonly84. Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue.


Sorry about that sir!!!
But i just posted it so that i can get some help from everyone.
My question is why it is not letting any themes and plugins to upload as it was working before?

Earlier we use to upload themes and plugins without any error. I know you guys will definitely fix this forever.

It is because a PHP extension was missing after the PHP upgrade. The maintainers are still building it.


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