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Error 502 Bad gateway

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It suddenly appeared on two of my websites. I have another private now that is currently under development.

Is there a problem with Infinity servers and I will need to wait or is the problem on my side?

There is a problem. I have the same issue with my site

In my opinion, this is due to the replacement of disks. When a person changes a disk, he must first turn off the computer


I could see your website, and yours too. Maybe its your computer or browser problem, try to clear your cache and ipconfig/flushdns.

Works fine now for me. should be the same for you.

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iFastNet is currently migrating all websites to faster storage. Most of the migration is done without taking down your website, but there is a 10 minute window to “flip the switch” between the old system and the new system. During that window, you may see errors like that.


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