Error 502

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Error 502 - Connection timed out

I’m using this software:
I use WinSCP for file transfer, and Google Chrome as a web browser. The problem persists in other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and the Tor browser.

Additional information:

It seems that your Site is DDoS’ed, you’ve to wait until it fixes.


As you can see, I am connected to CloudFlare, can I do something to stop and prevent it?

You can’t do anything to stop and prevent it, since the hiccup is also happening to other sites on the server you’re on.

The IP address on which your account is hosted is currently online. This could be due to a DDoS attack or for other reasons. I don’t have enough information to tell at this time.

Cloudflare won’t help you in this case, because this issue prevents Cloudflare from connecting to the backend server at all. It’s also hard to say whether your website was actually the target of this attack, or whether you’re just the victim of collateral damage caused by someone’s grudge at someone else.


Oh, okay, thank you for the information.
Is there something you guys can do, and maybe even an ETA? Or is it a problem that will fix itself in an unknown time period?

It won’t fix itself and we don’t have an ETA. Some bad person is launching an attack at our systems and we needed to disable the IP to contain the damage. We’re monitoring the situation and will restore the IP address when the attack is over. As to when the attack will be over, only the attacker can tell you.


Ok, thank you and sorry for asking for that much info :slight_smile:
Have a good day, looking forward to see it fixed

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