Error 502 on website

Hello there fellas! may i ask why this happened? please help idk what to do to fix it

Same here!

so is this like a global outage or what?

What’s your website url?
@joshii your website return no DNS record error, Can you try to remove your domain name from your website then add it back?

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infinity free wont let me reply again sooo here is my edited reply:
@Admin @Admin btw it is my second day on the forums so why does it say it is my first day and i cant send messages for another hour??? || hey umm @Admin pls help, what is this?

The DNS for your domain sounds corrupted, just remove your domain through addon domains/ parked domains then add it back?

Well i tried to be clear:

after removing your domain add it back then wait for a bit.

The website IPs and appear to be down right now. I’m looking into this.


why does it show error 1016 now?

We have a dedicated article about that error:


i also am having same problem with

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