Error 502 Bad Gateway


error 502 Bad Gateway

Como mi ip no es la misma que aparece en el post del administrador y los que hay parecidos a este error estan cerrados, abro este. No hay manera de cargar la web.
Alguna solucion ?


You can only wait

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Si no puedo hacer nada mas que esperar, espero que lo puedan solucionar pronto.

I checked your account (and also the account from another topic with a very similar issue: 502 Bad Gateway) and it seems like there is an issue with the database server of your account.

I’ve asked iFastNet to investigate.

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En efecto en mi cuenta me deja llegar hasta el panel, pero si intento entrar en phpmyadmin ahi ya no me deja entrar en mi base de datos

The database should be back up now.

If you still need help, could you please ask your question in English? This is an English language forum, I can’t answer a question I can’t understand because it’s in a language I don’t know.

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sorry. My database already works. thanks for solving it

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