Error 502 bad gateway

Hello everyone,

Before everyone tells me to remove Cloudflare, stop my site worked very well with Cloudflare I don’t see why I should change this I’ve had this error for about 15 minutes, off I only added a single extension to my wordpress site is I also wanted to know why I have connection errors to the database by moment.

Know that I ping my main domain on his ip and I have no return it shows me “request delay exceed”

Sorry if I speak bad English


Your server is funny enough the plugin is just to make a link with Discord but your server that holds my site does not accept it but once delete everything reworks, strange.

okay so this happened recently, my website getting so slow. It loads really slow and sometimes there will be this error
This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

(I thought it was my internet connection but it wasn’t because everything else was running smoothly except this website)

Then I had to refresh multiple times to get it up and running again. But even though is runs back on it will go back to the same error.
And also other than the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED sometimes it will show the Error 502 Bad Gateway.

what seems to be the issue? Just asking, no pressure.

.htaccess improper configuration can be the reason why connection is refused.

What the error tells you is that the server and the website’s code hosted on it is refusing to “give back” the content that it is supposed to deliver to you because of bad configuration.

Attempt to disable all the plugins through file manager or FTP if you have WordPress installed on the faulty site.

This CloudFlare error:

Error 521 Ray ID: 4a4f87723aa3c566 • 2019-02-06 18:02:40 UTC

Web server is down

This is happening to my WordPress site as well. I have to refresh many times to get it up.

What is the URL of your website, @LeGamerFouDuNet?

Problem is over for me, in fact, I have an extension incompatible with my wordpress version. The waiter therefore took a long time to answer, from my side I delete the extension manually on the FTP is everything returned to normal.

what did you put for dns server name? I am pretty sure it is The dns on infinity free’s website is wrong. I think it is . Try that.

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