Error 501

HIDDEN DUE TO ORIGINAL POSTER'S REQUEST is saying cloudflare Error 521. Getting message -
Server unreachable

Your web server at was unreachable (returning Error 521) on August 11, 2020 10:35 PM (GMT+5:30).

All seems normal in control panel. No deactivation history etc. Please help

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Please check this:

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Thanks for quick response. So i can just wait as its its the company (ifastnet) issue right ??

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Yes. You can mark the issue as resolved if you want and have patience.

I hope that I helped you.

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Thanks. But its showing me host error.

What error? As I mentioned you must wait for the issue to get fixed.

Yes. This is the error I mentioned. Just because you use cloudflare the error shows like this. Otherwise you would get a “Connection Refused” error.

Kindly wait for the issue to get fixed :wink:


Hello, As Dimintris says, the server hosting node you are on ( appears to be having issues, generally this takes less than an hour, but can stretch to 2 days, generally, patience is key!

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Hmmmm just hoping to get it fixed ASAP

Can u please remove my site url from the upper post because its hampering SEO

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