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This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


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every time i made a new website i get this error


nothing worked mate

What software are you trying to use?


using softaculous to install etano

It seems like the theme or plugins you are trying to install are causing this issue. Try enabling PHP error messages.

Looking up Etano, I can no longer find a site for it. I looked it up, and it appears the developers were last active in 2020, with the domain expiring in 2021 and either being taken by new owners, or the old owners changing course and dropping Etano.

When it was last supported, the last version of it mentioned needing PHP 5.x. Support for PHP 5 has ended a long time ago; the script is extremely outdated, most likely insecure, and will most definitely not work on this hosting platform.

I’d recommend looking for a new script.


i did that

yeah i tried ph7builder and it kinda worked so it might have been a problem with etano being old

Like above @ChrisPAR said, the Etano plugin hasn’t been updated since 2021, which can cause errors with the new PHP version.


i appreciate the help

yeah because ph7 worked somewhat properly

Yh, now we are using PHP 8.1 as i recall, so you should use another plugin that supports PHP 8


It’s actually PHP 8.2 as of 25 Nov 2023. We were going to upgrade to 8.1 but there were many troubles experienced in doing that and it took iFastNet long enough that they just decided on 8.2 (a good decision IMO).


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