Error 500

epiz_30855160 is my Username is the website

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Error Message

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I am getting:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


Other Information

I’ve just uploaded a website that I’m using for an assessment on a course I’m on.

Everything works fine on my localhost.

Copied over all the MySQL details (username, passwords, database name etc) as in the excellent guide on here. Everything shows up through phpmyadmin etc.

My first contact with mysql comes as authentication for my login… This is immediately where I get my 500 error. Problem is with it being so unspecific as to the problem, I can’t work out what’s wrong?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Many thanks…

Your website is working for me! For future reference, please read this:


Thank you.

It was a php error, I have turned on the errors so I can see what’s going on now… I can’t seem to work out the baseref to reference my url’s from for my includes.

However, at least now I have something to go on.

Many thanks,


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Here’s why:

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Thank you… I’m getting somewhere now, Everyone’s help is much appreciated :slight_smile:


In fact, I’m up and running. Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

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