Error 500 when click publish after input html code

Error Message 500 when click publish

Homepage occurred error message 500 when I tried input html code. So I have to create another new template able to save the new one without input html code. I am using elementor builder.
Any idea to solve it?

It would be better if you can provide screenshot to show what is happening.

Looks ok to me

Sounds resource intensive to me



The homepage is the new saved templated because the previous homepage crashed after click published and showed error 500 message. I noticed the error 500 message only occuredto this specific homepage page due to I input **html code.**Other pages are not affected. Can advise.

Error 500 means your website code crashed. Why your code crashed, or how to fix it, is completely dependent on how your website is built. I can’t say I’m that familiar with Elementor to tell you just from your description what’s happening.

Which means e need to do a little bit more investigation.

Could you please enable debug mode in WordPress and then retry the request? That should produce one or more error messages that explain what exactly crashed.


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