Error 500 Unable to process this request at this time

Username (Tamanegy) or

Error Message

this page isn’t working, Unable to process this request via at this time. HTTP ERROR 500

Other Information

this error message is when i try to connect to the database to login the user.

This is what I see on the login page

However, when I try to login there is a blank page.


yes, try to connect type anything and click the button

If you show us your code we can try to help. Just make sure to hide sensitive data.


here you are this is the php to connect to the database when you click on the button

Have you turned on display errors in PHP? You can do so in the cPanel.


i have no option to enable the display of php error, i have only account statics on my metrics section of cpanel

Please look for the “Alter PHP Config” option, select your domain, and then use the ratio button to enable PHP errors.


the error given is this:

oh its good, thanks for your help

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