Error 500 .htaccess is bad?!


My website, when ever loaded, redirects me to I remember when I was making changes, I changed the time zone for my website in the WordPress Dashboard. I also changed the home URL to a different URL. Please, anyone tell me what happened and how I can change it and make my website valid.


By the way, this is what it says…

500 Internal Server Error

Oops, something broke when loading the page you requested! This is usually caused by bad .htaccess code or an error in your PHP code.


Can you help me with this problem?



I don’t remember seeing anything, all I got was the Learn More page URL

If anything, the error is very vague, so I can’t really get much research into what is happening. Online resources didn’t help me in any way, except make the problem worse. If anyone else has a possible solution for the Internal Server Error, please speak out. Many thanks :slight_smile:


Does anyone else have a solution related to the topic???

Well, as the error message states

This is usually caused by bad .htaccess code or an error in your PHP code.

So, did you check those things?

Please do the following:

  1. Copy and paste your .htaccess file here
  2. What is supposed to show?
  3. Is coded in PHP? If so, please paste its header here.

Also, please do not ping admin, it will not accelerate a reply from him.

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I don’t really know where to check these PHP codes, but I do know where the .htaccess is. I am pretty sure that I saw PHP codes in the file manager that C-Panel required.

My file manager isn’t working right now sooooo…

The website that I am currently in progress with is supposed to show a page that has links to other pages that show more info about the products I made. It is basically just the home page for my website.

Also, I do not know if it is coded in PHP. I am pretty sure it should be…

Anyways, I will stop trying to ping the Admin.

I’m starting to think this problem is unsolvable. Most of my ideas are irrational, and will not work.

Well, whats the error there? And what file mannager, FileZilla, Monsta (The client area one) or something else? You will need that to fix the issues, so might as well do this first.

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The file manager that I am using is Monsta, I don’t know how to get to the others. The issue just says it isn’t receiving any data…

It says, " This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.


Ok, ignore that and download FileZilla.
Download FileZilla Client for Windows (64bit x86) (


I should do that later…

I am not logged in to my other computer.
As this one is just another persons property that somebody allowed me to use, but this is my account.

Maybe at 3 o’clock (PST)

Then to see whether its a PHP error, you need to turn on PHP Errors via the Control Panel.



Why do you even have an extra “home” directory?

the problem is somewhere in it and probably .htaccess file that is there in that dir

it would be best to simply delete that installation and reinstall via Softaculous
because you haven’t done anything or edited the page anyway, so you won’t lose anything.

But this time ( during a new installation ) leave the field blank under the “Directory” field


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