Error 500 after quick installation of prestashop 1.6

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Page not available
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Hello, just registered hosting today, created a site using quick install, but immediately when I go to the site, there is a 500 error

I also created and added a ssl certificate but the error did not go away, server related, maybe some kind of request restrictions?

Please help me to understand and solve the problem.

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Can you please tell me what kind of plugins you’ve installed?

I’ve checked your plugin, and it seems that the developers have stopped giving updates for the plugin. In that case, InfinityFree is using PHP version 8.2 at the moment. Older PHP versions aren’t compatible with version 8.2.


A HTTP ERROR 500 is usually caused by PHP code crashing. There are many different reasons that could cause this issue, but it being caused by not having SSL on your site seems very unlikely.

How to fix it depends on the exact reason of the error of course, which completely depends on your site. But this article can help you get started:

That said, the latest version of PrestaShop 1.6 was released in 2019. It’s very likely that this version does not work on PHP version 8.2, which our hosting has. You may have more luck with PrestaShop 8.1, which is much more recent.


No plugins installed, just the default quick install.
Now deleted everything from htdocs directory, cleaned the database.
But I can’t install version 8.1, the system writes an error:

The following errors were found :

  • An installation already exists at http://… as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation!

Perhaps not enough time has passed since the cleanup about the pre-installation?

Not sure, but it could be, try again in few hours.


I think you have to uninstall it from the Softaculous since the record is still there.


Correct. The “An installation already exists” error means that Softaculous still has an installation there. You’ll need to install or remove it from Softaculous to fix that.

Note that you don’t need to delete files or databases yourself to begin with. Softaculous is not only able to install your software, they can also remove it and update it.


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