Error 404

My subdomain ( dont work, with a index.html show an error 404 and with wordpress installed, the same, Any idea?

Hello there,

Your site is working fine here on my end and does not show an error:

Have you already cleared your browser cache?

This show mi PC…

Yes, I clear the cache, use other browser and other device and… nothing

I dont understand, I create a new subdomain ( and work perfect INSTANTALY. Why?!

I do not understand, in another user it works perfectly, and in my main one it does not work

Then try clearing your local DNS cache then.

If issue is still persistent then it could be your ISP’s problem that their DNS cache have not yet been updated. You may want to contact them about it.

The error 404 page you see is one which is generated by our servers, but as far as I can tell, you’re the only person who sees this page, while everyone else sees either your WordPress page or just a directory listing.

This leads me to believe the issue is on your end, and I would guess the issue is some kind of browser cache. If you’re using a proxy to access the internet, that proxy might also be caching the error page and preventing you from accessing the latest content on the server.

Could you check the website from another device and network? Or maybe try to connect over a VPN?


Dont Worry, I change the user and go fine

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