Error 404 wordpress, cant log into file manager either

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Playing around with wordpress links, and now when i try to log into my wpadmin ( it comes up with the 404 error. I looked online and it says to try and recover it from file manager, but for some reason none of the log in details arent working and i keep locking myself out. Please help i’m a beginner to this and really want to get this back.


Some still not ready.
DNS propagation make take up to 72 hrs…


Is this why i can no longer log into the admin bit on file manager/wp?

Thanks for your reply

If you had just switched hosting provider, yes.

I switched over probably a week ago, and was working fine until I decided to play around with the url addresses in wp. But I haven’t been able to log into file manager I don’t think (I haven’t tried until now)

I believe you also changed DNS, which is why domain was not resolving earlier on.

Website is now up.


Follow below steps to change your url:-

  1. Goto “MySQL Databases”

  1. Select “Admin”

  1. Select “options” table

  1. Change your url by clicking on “edit” link

  1. Save changes

Omg thank you!

1 more q please :slight_smile: so i can now access the website thank you again, but how on earth do i access it on the wp-admin panel? even just adding /wp-admin/ now just redirects me to the page without any option to edit with wp. Does that make sense?

Use this link


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It’s still showing as

Unable to edit it/open it up in the wordpress client where elementor and that are

Did you login using the link I shown you?


Yep used that same link and logged in and then what’s shown in the screenshot came up

Pls rename .htaccess in /htdocs to .htaccess_backup.

Create a new .htaccess and paste the following:-


Now try login again

sorry where do i go to edit /htdocs

Online file manager…


Hey so i did that as you can see in screenshot.Screenshot at Nov 18 15-31-55

But then tried the link again to log in, and tried in incognito and still showing as before. So no option to edit with wp or elementor

Can you try to access WordPress admin via Softaculous?

  1. Select Softaculous

  2. Select Installation

  3. Select Admin

If you cannot even access wp-admin through this method, you need to backup your data and databases before attempting to reinstall WordPress.

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Yeah can’t even access it that way. So you think I should reinstall it? Ok one sec

i’m in!!!

Thank you so much!!!