Error 404 Website not working!

So after the data loss i deleted my account and created another with same domain but still shows me up the error

Upload files

I dont have files im starting a new one!

It’s working.


Nope it stills show me the error idk why?

As you can see in the screenshot that I posted above, it’s working.

If you can’t load your website it’s a problem on your end.
That’s a cache problem. You have to clear your browser’s cache or try opening your website in an anonymous browser tab.


I cleared my browser and go anonymous still not working.

I get a “server down” message. Did you delete the account?

Nope is still active

Check your site in this online browser:

If Greenreader9 is also having problems maybe there are some DNS issues.

I can see my website online in that website but i think it is DNS issues because i cleared my cache and everything and is not working…

I’m having trouble too accessing some subdomains. The DNS servers themselves seem to be doing OK, but for some reason Cloudflare’s resolvers are returning no records. Google’s resolvers don’t have this problem.


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