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Hi, Im trying to access home.php the moment the user clicks login, however it reaches a 404 page not found error. I checked capitalization and everything and to me everything seems fine, i ran the code locally and everything worked fine there as well. Thanks in advance!

Does home.php actually exist on the server?

yes it does, like i said before I tested everything locally and it works fine but the moment i uploaded it to infinity free it broke

Some additional information, after the user clicks the login button it uses php “Location: Home.php” however when the user clicks create an account it uses html “Href= Registration.php”. it works when using html but when using php it breaks

I am confused. In post #1 you said you want users to go to home.php. However, in post #3, you say it redirects to Home.php (please note the capital H).

Maybe the reason it does not work in PHP is because the headers have already been set. If you are only redirecting to home.php, maybe you could try it in HTML.


Please check your FTP software, because neither “home.php” or “Home.php” exist.

what do you mean by the headers?

when I go to file manager it shows Home.php is uploaded, I even tried deleting the file and reuploading it with no luck

That’s probably the cache.

HTTP Headers cannot be altered once they have been set by the server and accepted by the browser. You can read this article:

ah i see, so how would you recommend I fix it? Would deleting all files then reuploading it with proper case sensitive names work?

Most Linux webservers use lowercase filenames, such as “home.php”; so you may want to rename all files that start with a capital letter.


everything works now :slight_smile: when they say linux is case sensitive they really mean it lol, sql commands are case sensitive, your database name is case sensitive and your web pages are case sensitive so make sure all of those are good

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