Error 404 (my website is not working correctly)

I created a website days ago, I uploaded some test images via FTP to the /image path
But if I search in the search bar my website with the path of an image (of any image), it takes me to a 404 error page (as if the file does not exist), can someone please tell me what is happening?
Here I attach an example of an image that I uploaded and when I search for it in the search bar it says that it does not exist, however on FTP it does exist.
Here I leave the screenshot of the url of my website along with the example image that does not work:


Prove it


even the directory on its own is giving a 404, if it existed the default error would be 403


if it does really exist then there is something screwy going on in your .htaccess rules

can you please post a screen shot of your site directory structure, thanks


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