Error 404 after new installaton

Hi! :wink:

I registered domain and I initially tried to add this domain to account epiz_26784229. Then I started over the project with new account epiz_26829823 (where i installed Wordpress).

Why I can only see the 404 error page (url ?

Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile:

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Hi Soundar,

thanks for your reply.

Can the propagation issue lead to a 404 error?

I thought that - if the propagation has not completed - I see the “Google Chrome” screen, with DNS error.


BTW I didn’t get any 404 page.(Displayed a default WP page. )

So try clearing your cache…

Might be an propagation issue coz you tried to add it in old account


Yes, dns propogation can give any error of a previous server, as today I am transferring my VPS server, and I saw many 404 errors, because everything is still moving over, and some links may point to the old host, which is non existant.

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