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Hello everyone, i am getting this error on forms.
For example my register form and update user info forms give me that error, but my login form works.

I am using PHP & MySQL

the register and updateuser files are in the same folder as the login one, and they have the same permissions.


clear your cache…

Do you try signing up? That’s his problem


i already cleaned the chache, the problem only happens when i fill up the register form and press the button to register

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check the /includes/user_register.php file for errors.

also check the permissions for the file

I already checked permissions and errors. And the website works well in my localhost

do you use mysql databases?


then check those for errors as well

Well, i think, if i don’t have any erros in my localhost server, it shouldn’t be giving any error, and the connection to MySQL database is correct, because i can login and other stuff, i just can’t register and update user profile.

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