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I have a web application and I have migrated it to this domain when I access it in the login I get error 403 I do not understand why, in the local it left me the same as in the other domain where it had it.

Your domain isn’t registered as far as I know. Did you make sure to write it without typo errors? If you typed it without typo errors then it may be not registered; so try to buy the domain and point it to the nameservers before your domain can be accessed again.

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yes, if you are registered only that you do not have the certificates yet, to see it, touch with http: //

You do not have boucht the domain

Doing a WHOIS lookup on your domain:

~> whois  
No Data Found

Your domain name does not appear to exist, it does not appear to have any nameservers, not appear to have any DNS records and not appear to be assigned to any hosting account.

So please check your domain registration or check if you’ve given us the correct domain name.

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sorry the link is

Thank you. That side does exist and I do see the 403 error too.

When trying to login, the form sends me to, which then sends me to .

This last URL seems to be incorrect. Can you please make sure that the URL being used there is OK?

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Enter the following user [email protected] with ecoblue password and you will see what happens. the /App/index.php?error=1 it is normal because is from aplication message

I entered a bogus email address and I also got the 403 error.

Is it normal? I would expect the URL to be The actual URL looks like an error with the URL generation.

1 Like it is normal because it wants say that the user and password is incorrect…

and who i can solve that or will you to solve the error 403

Yes, that’s what I suspected. But again: that’s not happening.

So just to be very clear:

You see? They are different. They should probably not be different.

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