Error 403

I have uploaded my website and it works normally except for page (PHP) that I put in a folder. All page from that folder display 403 error but I have made sure the CHMOD is set properly. Even I tried 777 for permission. In my XAMPP local, it works file. What happened here and what can I do?

What is your website URL?
Maybe the cause for this was two words: caching problems. Try removing cache and cookies and see if this works. If not you should configure the software to the InfinityFree’s database server, that’s not localhost, but, where xxx will be the three random numbers of the database server.

Is the folder called “includes” by any chance? Because “includes” is a system protected name. The “includes” folder is usually used for scripts which are included through PHP into other scripts using include statements, and don’t work (or even leak sensitive data) when accessed directly. So you may want to try to rename that folder and see if that works.

So, I tried to hosting in different server and it gives 403 error too. Now I am thinking the problem is the file or directory. I tried to create a dummy file xxx.php and index.php file in that dirrectory. index.php shows the content while xxx.php gives 403 error. Now, I am not really sure what happened. In my local, it works fine and even in the server the other file and folder works fine too.

No, the directory name is not includes.

It seems the problem is the folder name modules. I tried to create another directory and it works. After I remove and recreate new directory named modules, it give 403 error. Is there any restriction with regards to modules as folder name?

I haven’t seen this issue happen with a modules directory before. But given that the includes directory is protected, and modules is often used in a similar way, the modules directory name is probably protected for the same reason.

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