Error 403 on some png files

I get error 403 on some png files, I checked, and the file has 644 permission, but the web page doesn’t show it. any solution?

Ftp folder:

The images are Whatsapp chat.png and Whatsapp chat_banner.png

The same folder by url:

You must have deleted the images from FTP, because the don’t exist in the server. Please try re-uploading them.


No, I delete and reupload again, but the problem is that the image exist, because if you write the url of the image, the error is 403 not 404. its like some serverside permision problem.

I think it is because of the chat keyword being banned on InfinityFree, as we don’t want live chat scripts ran on the server.

I did the same test on my site, using testchat.png as the URL and I also get a 403 page.
Try renaming it to something else.


Oh, thanks for the help

Good day

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