Error 403 Forbidden - Invalid signature


(please specify the website or account you are asking about

Error 403 Forbidden - Invalid Signature

There is not access to website.
It happens after wordpress upgrade to ver 6.1.1

After trying to fix initial error.

No problem accesing the account, Control Panel and File Manager, but website is not longer working/

Your website has an invalid SSL certificate. I would fix that first.


Thank you Dreenreader9, SSL is already fixed but the problem is the same.

I can’t see any SSL error…!
Same time I can’t see error mentioned above also!!
Kindly check your hosting files

Right now, I don’t see any SSL error, but a blank page instead. The Network tab in my browser says the response code is 500, which usually means your PHP code crashed.

Please see this article for information on how to get started with fixing this:


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